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Ultimate and instant code-free APK protection at the price of cup of coffee!



  • Corona, Unity, Xamarin and other frameworks compatible
  • Compatible with obfuscated apps
  • Protection from ads removal or replacement
  • Protection from in-app billing removal
  • Protection from 3rd party SDKs injections
  • Protection from app cloning
  • Backsmali injection protection
  • Protection from reverse engineering
  • Lightning fast and featherweight SDK
  • Zero impact on battery life
  • Installs and "hack" installs reporting
Please keep in mind,that our solution is not an alternative to obfuscation. The main purpose of obfuscation is to keep apps' privacy and sensible data safe. While Appwatermark' SDK is aimed to protect an app from ads/billing removal,injections, modding and other kinds of interference.

Thus,our solution is fully compatible with obfuscated apps and it gives them an additional solid layer of protection, which obfuscation itself does not.